Thursday, September 13, 2007

Antwerp: Art - Rubens; Medieval Architecture - the Butcher's Hall

Rubens at Antwerp, Belgium1.

Antwerp art: Peter Paul Rubens, painting, see I believe this one was from Antwerp. He of the robust ladies. Do an images search on Rubens. Diets, begone. Far more healthy to balance enjoyment of life's calories, against fashion.

Butcher's Hall, Medieval. Antwerp, Belgium

2. Medieval structures. These . can be huge - and not just the castles. Here is the new Butcher's Hall from 1515 - built then to enlarge the old Butcher's Hall, from the 1200's, both for the Guilds. Each end of the building has a different facade? I do not believe there are two separate halls, just different angles of the one building? See The striping effect of the stone plus the size - Antwerp's glory century.

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